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UTSA Cheer

The UTSA Spirt Program is comprised of students with a love and passion for our university and our athletic teams. Spirit Team members spread support numerous athletic programs throughout the year. They attend various athletic, academic, community and social functions. Please follow us on social media and see what we do throughout the year!

Tradition of Success

“Building a Dynasty… Leaving a Legacy”

2018 NCA
Small Coed 1A- 5th Place

2016 NCA
Small Coed 1A- 2nd Place

2015 NCA
Small Coed 1A- 2nd Place
Coed Intermediate 1A -3rd Place
Group Stunt- 4th Place

2014 NCA
All Girl 1A- 4th Place
Coed Cheer 1A- 3rd Place NCA Challenge Cup
Group Stunt- 4th Place

2013 NCA
Coed Cheer 1A- 6th Place
All Girl 1A- 4th Place

2012 NCA
All Girl 1-1st Place National Collegiate Champions

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