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UTSA Cheer Camps
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Offical Locker Room for UTSA Cheerleading

This Locker room provides a locked space for each spirit team member 24/7. Only Spirit Team members have the access code to enter this space.

•    Located in the convocation center directly in front of where our team holds practices.
•    Convenient for game day preparation and meeting space.
•    Next door to the coaches/administration offices.
•    Directly across from our strength and conditioning center.
•    Each team member is provided with their own personal cubical.
•    Keep your cheer gear or personal items on campus.
•    No need to carry everything in your bag.
•    White Board for group projects
•    Wi-Fi Available
•    Table for your studies
•    Quiet space to get away
•    Watch a movie on our TV
•    Take a nap
•    Socialize with team members
•    Hang out until your next class
•    Get ready for class, workouts, games, or practice.
•    Use our plugs and mirrors for makeup/hair.
•    Rowdy has a private room at the back end our locker-room.
•    Meal prep.
•    Use our refrigerator and microwave for meals.
•    Save money eating in our lock room.