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 What is UTSA Cheerleading looking for?

UTSA cheer is looking for dedicated, experienced, energetic, and hardworking athletes. The time commitment can become very demanding, so a flexible schedule is a must. The commitment to your team takes a positive driven individual. The College cheerleaders we are looking for must love game day and truly care for our athletic teams in which they support. UTSA Cheer is dedicated to supporting Roadrunner Athletics, building traditions, and encouraging school spirit. We have the expectation of our cheerleaders to be strong leaders and positive role models. We empower all of our spirit team members to support UTSA athletics and most importantly become Ambassadors of our University. The level of elite skills that we are looking for are listed under our tryout requirements.

 Do you offer scholarships for all squad members?

Yes, each spirit squad member meeting requirements will receive a scholarship. This scholarship is awarded the second semester of each academic year. Requirements include, but are not limited to meeting GPA standards, being enrolled as full time student, years in the program, work ethic, skills, and attending games, practices, and appearances. There is approximately $30,000 that varies each year in scholarship funds to distribute among the spirit program.

 Does the program attend summer camp?

Yes, all teams will be attending a collegiate camp during the summer. The team will meet at the end of June for a weekend practice. Our work week is a week of practices leading up to our departure for camp. This is usually held in July

 Does the program compete?

The UTSA Cheer program has a history of being a competitive program. The decision to compete each year is up to the spirit coordinator, and athletic administration. Moving forward we have refocused the priorities of the program to place game day and University athletic support as a primary focus. Being able to compete at a national level will be a privilege and something to be earned. Annual competition will never be 100% guaranteed. Each year we strive to compete on the national stage and will fundraise to compete. We will work towards a performance routine each year to showcase our skills at varies events.

 What sports do you cheer for?

UTSA cheer supports all home football and volleyball games. We travel to selected football games announced at the beginning of each season. The cheerleaders might also have an opportunity to travel to any play-off games or bowl games. The cheerleaders cheer at all home women and men’s basketball games, select away games and post season tournaments.

 What are additional benefits for being a UTSA Cheerleader?

  • Out-of-state tuition waivers contingent on qualifications
  • Varsity uniforms and Adidas team gear, bags and shoes
  • Athletic Trainers
  • University Medical Physicians available to provide care as needed
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Weekly tumbling classes with use of facilities/equipment
  • Strength and conditioning program with strength coaches
  • Attend college camp
  • Opportunity to compete at a National Competitions
  • 24/7 access to on campus spirit team locker room
  • A long line of supportive alumni and traditions
  • Travel and meal opportunities


 What department is the Spirit Program under?

The UTSA spirit program is a part of the Athletic Department.

 What is the practice schedule?

Athletes will be practice two weeks during the Summer time and attend camp. During the School year the UTSA teams will practice 3-4 times per week for 2 to 2.5 hours. Holiday practices are TBD by the Spirit coordinator due to athletic events and games happening during the break. Athletes will also have two workout times with our UTSA Strength and Conditioning Coaches. Typically, there will be one practice a week to focus on tumbling to maintain and enhance skills.  Ultimately the Spirit Coordinator will determine scheduling.

 What does it cost to cheer?

UTSA cheer does have an operating budget to cover most the cost of the program needs.  All uniforms, equipment, bows, poms, warm ups, bags, Adidas gear, travel costs, game-day meals and camp registration and accommodations are covered. The cost of camp attendance $250-300 is an out of pocket fee. Also, cheerleaders are responsible for Sponsorship Donations.  This starts out at $300.00 raised per person due at the beginning of the spring semester. The amount to be fundraised in donations could be more depending on the extra needs of the team with national competitions and summer camp. Typically, we hold team fundraisers to cover the rest of needed funds. All team fundraisers are mandatory.

 How do I get information about admissions, estimated cost, housing and financial aid?

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