UTSA Cheerleading Tryouts


Thank you for your interest in the UTSA Spirit Program.

The Tryout Process

Due to our current Pandemic, we will be doing a special tryout process this season. See Below for all steps needed

  • Submit a google form request → here
  • Register online at UTSAcheer.com and download tryout packet
  • Gain Access to our tryout BAND group 
  • Submit Video and tryout Packet by May 18th.
  • If you pass the initial video portion, you will be invited to an in-person tryout at a later date when our institution allows us to. You will be notified ahead of time to make proper arrangements. 
  • After in person tryout, the team roster will be made for those who meet all requirements.
2020-2021 UTSA Cheerleading Tryouts
Click here for the UTSA Tryout Packet
Cost: $40
Register Online REGISTER

Tryout Packets and Video are due no later than May 18th, 2020 by 5:00pm.
Send by e-mail to gabriel.ortiz@utsa.edu

It is vital that you have your packet and medical paperwork turned in by May 18th
You will be unable to tryout without the required documents.
Note: A legal guardian must be present to sign a waiver at registration if you are under 18 years of age.

Cheerleading Tryout FAQ's


 Question: Who can tryout for UTSA Cheer?


Any current UTSA student meeting tryout requirements is eligible to tryout. Incoming freshman and transfer students are welcome to tryout, as long as they have been admitted to UTSA. Graduate students are welcome to tryout as long as they are enrolled in at least 9 credit course hours.

 Question: Does the Program Compete at Nationals?


The UTSA Cheer program has a history of being a competitive program. The decision to compete each year is up to the spirit coordinator, and athletic administration. UTSA Cheer program has the opportunity to compete at the NCA Collegiate Cheer & Dance Championship each year. Competing at nationals is contingent on squad members, fundraising, and success at summer cheer camp. Moving forward we have refocused the priorities of the program to place game day and University athletic support as a primary focus. Being able to compete at a national level will be a privilege and something to be earned. Annual competition will never be guaranteed. If competition is awarded the final decision if the squad competes and who will be in the routine will be decided on by the spirit coordinator and coaching staff.

 Question: About how many make the team each year?


Each UTSA cheer team member is required to tryout again each year. Typically, between 45 to 60 will make the program. (Co-Ed, All-Girl and Mascots).

 Question: Are Tryout sessions open to the Public?


No. Tryout sessions are closed to all the general public. Participants will check in each day of tryouts.

 Question: Is there a Height and Weight Requirement?


No. We do not have a certain weight and/or height requirement for team members. We do ask that all members maintain a level of athleticism, and are able to participate in all activities throughout the entire year. There is a fitness exam administered each semester. This includes a mile timed run, timed sprints, a set number of push-ups and sit ups. This also includes a skills check of standing and running tumbling. Measurements, weight, and BMI will be recorded each semester.

 What to expect at tryouts?


During the live tryouts, you will be learning/performing the following:
•    Cheer or sideline Fight Song
•    Jumps to tumbling
•    Standing tumbling
•    Running tumbling
•     Stunting skills
The team will be selected at the conclusion of the tryouts.  If you are selected, there will be a mandatory meeting immediately following tryouts. This meeting will cover the Welcome Packet that includes, expectations and guidelines of being UTSA Spirit Team member, required paperwork, important dates, discussion of the upcoming schedule, and sizing.
Returning athletes are not guaranteed a position for the upcoming season so skills must be maintained throughout the year. Each returning member must tryout again at the tryouts each year.
It is highly recommended to attend the live tryouts versus sending in a video. Video may be necessary if there is a conflict with academics or long distance traveling such as out of state applicants. Live tryouts are highly recommended as you have more athletes to choose from to showcase your talents during the stunting portion.  Team members will be selected from the live tryouts first, then from the video applicants.

 Do you accept VIDEO tape tryouts if I can’t attend the tryout in person?


Yes. Videos are required if you cannot attend tryouts. Videos will only be accepted by those who CAN NOT physically make it to tryouts. Please upload the video YouTube and/or send a USB with the packet. It is recommended that you make every effort to attend tryouts. Please consult with the spirit coordinator audralee.scofield@utsa.edu if you are unable to make the live tryout. The tryout packet covers the instructions when sending a video tryout. Those trying out by videotape still need to send the tryout packet including the link to the YouTube video and/or USB, and a headshot.

 What are the Minimal Requirements?


Skill requirements- Tumbling

•    Standing- Standing Tuck.
•    Jump connected to back handsprings to a tuck/layout/full. Multiple whipped Jumps to Back Tuck.
•    Running- Round off handspring Layout/full’s. Specialty Skills.  

Skill requirements- Stunting

•    Flyers- must be able to pull body positions. Full up, around, and double down. Also, willing to base as needed.
•    Female Bases- must have stunting experience with advanced stunting skills such as full ups, double downs, inversions, tick tocks, and other elite skills.
•    Males- Must have a toss hands/extension. Preferably, libs and other elite knowledge and experience.  Male Stunters- must be open to learn tumbling skills.  Male Tumblers- must be open to learn stunting skills.

 Is tumbling required?


Tumbling experience is required for female athletes.  However, if you have no prior experience but appear to have the ability to learn quickly you are highly encouraged to still speak with the coaching staff. Male athletes do not have to have prior tumbling experience as their primary role would be for coed stunt purposes. Unless the males role is primarily tumbling. Both female and male athletes are encouraged to tumble prior to the college selection process. Tumbling instruction in skills and techniques will be a part of team practices.

 Is cheerleading experience required?


Cheer experience is required for female athletes. Any school teams, all-star programs, gymnastics, or formal dance training will prepare you for the collegiate cheer experience.  Most male members do not have prior cheer experience before coming to college and will be taught the skills necessary to be elite and competitive on the collegiate level.